If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, it could be the result of a leak in your system. Another possibility is the system’s control valves have broken. The control valves manage the release of the correct amounts of water to each area of your lawn. If you notice one section has dry, brown patches, this is another sign to look for indicating the control valves are not operating efficiently. On the other hand, if you see large pools of water on your driveway, sidewalks, or in the lawn, this is another indicator of a system in need of repair. Water pooling in your yard can destroy your grass, landscaping, bring unwanted bugs, and increase mold and fungus.

A lack of water pressure can also affect the amount of water your lawn receives and signifies your system should be checked by a professional. If you notice your sprinkler heads are making new and unusual sounds or are spraying off-target, it could be the result of a bad valve. Sputtering coming from your heads is also a common symptom of pressure issues and even cracks in the head itself. The sprinkler head may also be obstructed by excess debris. The sooner you address issues that arise, the more you can save financially and the healthier your lawn will be.