Convenience and ease of use are the key reasons homeowners choose to have an irrigation system installed. Not everyone enjoys the tedious task of manually watering several times a week. Scheduling the time and frequency of an automated watering system takes the stress off homeowners. An automated irrigation system also permits homeowners to travel or spend time away without worry of who will water their lawn. If you want more freedom and less stress, contact Outdoor Living Hardscapes to discuss options for a future irrigation system in your lawn.

The irrigation systems we install have the power to water during the prime time of day and yield the exact amount of moisture needed for the types of grass and plants you own. Outdoor Living Hardscapes, along with the general consensus in our industry, recommends watering a lawn during early morning before full sunlight occurs. Watering early, before the sun shines directly on your lawn, gives the lawn and plants more time to completely absorb moisture. While watering after sunset provides diseases and fungus a nasty opportunity to develop, as the moisture lingers overnight.

Your irrigation system delivers the exact amount of water needed for each section of your lawn and garden. Overwatering can often be as destructive to certain plants and grasses as a lack of water. Controlling this crucial element is another benefit not to be overlooked.