Having a well formulated landscaping design plan before digging into the ground or purchasing plants is crucial. Once we know what it is you want to achieve, our team will build a suitable plan and before you know it, your dream yard will become reality.

Together we will take a critical look at your property and note any drainage or erosion problems to correct. Do you need more shade, or more sun? Or does plant growth require thinning because it is too dense? These are a couple more questions that need to be addressed. After considering the elements that already exist in the yard, such as trees and other plants, gardens, we will settle on what’s to be removed, what will be kept and what you would like to have added.

We specialize in knowing what works well in our specific climate and region. Some plant varieties will thrive in certain environments, while others will not. Sunlight and shade will play a role in the design process as well. We will help you to choose the best possible plants and flowers based on the amount of lighting received and temperature. Lastly, you must decide what features you want highlighted or used as focal points versus what areas you want downplayed or hidden. Some things to consider downplaying in the design include telephone poles, trash receptacles, and unpleasant scenery from neighboring properties.